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Chinese Peanut Cookies (花生饼)

Added by: Norah   Added on: June 2, 2020

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In this video I am going to share with you a Chinese Peanut Cookies (花生饼) Recipe.

Crumbly melt in the mouth yet crisp on the inside with a hint of saltiness and sweetness on each bite. These peanut cookies are so irresistibly delicious!

Chinese Peanut Cookies are usually prepared during the Chinese New Year festival, but they are so good that you would want them all year round. You might find that there are many ways to prepare Chinese Peanut Cookies. There is no right or wrong recipe to create this beautiful and delicious dessert. The recipe may be varied to suit the individual’s taste and preferences. It is super easy to prepare, and you could now enjoy this dessert at any time in the comfort of your home.

Happy cooking 😉

Several notes here to share with you:

  • You could substitute unsalted roasted peanut with walnut, almond, pecan, or cashew nut if you prefer.

  • You could substitute raw sugar with white sugar if you prefer.

  • I used a fan forced oven set to 140°C to bake the Chinese Peanut Cookies. If a conventional oven is used the temperature would be 160°C.

Here is a quick rundown of the recipe:

Ingredients for Chinese Peanut Cookies

  • 200g Unsalted Roasted Peanut (extra for decoration)

  • 160g Plain Flour

  • 80g Corn Flour

  • 70g Raw Sugar

  • 50g Unsalted Butter

  • 75ml Peanut Oil

  • ½ Tsp Salt

  • ½ Tsp Baking Powder

  • 1 Whole Egg (±60g)

Method of Preparation

  1. Pound the roasted peanuts finely in small batches at any one time in the mortar then transfer the pounded peanuts into a bowl. Add raw sugar, plain flour, corn flour, baking powder and salt to the bowl. Stir the mixture with a fork to mix well. Add melted butter and peanut oil to the bowl. Stir the mixture with a fork to combine well. The mixture is well combined if it does not stick to the hand while it is being rolled.

  2. Making even sizes of Chinese Peanut Cookies:

    Scoop a portion of the peanut dough with a 1 Tsp measuring spoon. Flatten the dough in the spoon with a butter knife until the spoon is fully filled. Remove the dough from the spoon. Place the dough from the 1st Tsp aside and repeat the steps for the 2nd Tsp. Combine the 1st and 2nd Tsp of the dough. Lightly squeeze and release the dough in your palm until a round shape is formed. Repeat steps until all the dough are squeezed into round shapes.

  3. Arrange the round shape peanut dough in a baking tray, about 2.5cm apart. Lightly press a half roasted peanut on the top of each of the peanut dough to decorate.

  4. Preheat the fan forced oven at 140°C until it is hot, typically for 15 mins.

    After 15 mins, transfer the tray into the oven's lowest rack. Bake the peanut balls for 20 mins.

  5. Beat the egg with a fork until it is blended thoroughly and then set it aside.

  6. After 20 mins, remove the baking tray from the oven. Carefully transfer the baking tray to the table. Lightly but generously brush the top of the peanut cookies using the beaten egg prepared earlier. Transfer the baking tray back to the hot oven. Bake the peanut cookies until the top turns golden in colour, typically in about 15 mins.

  7. After 15 mins, the peanut cookies should now be golden in colour. Remove the tray from the oven. Carefully transfer the baking tray to the table. Bake the rest of the prepared peanut dough the same way as the 1st batch. Completely cool the peanut cookies before serving or storing them in a jar.

  8. The Chinese Peanut Cookies are best consumed on the next day of baking. Enjoy this delicious dessert over a cup of warm tea or coffee.

Happy cooking 😉🧡

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